All Vitalis Organic Seeds are certified organic. Our adherence to strict certification protocols in all regions and countries where we do business demonstrates the depth of our commitment to a closed-loop organic agriculture system, and helps us to produce the highest quality organic seed, free of contaminants and adapted to the needs of diverse organic agriculture systems worldwide. 
All Vitalis varieties are developed without the use of genetic engineering , and meet all organic certification requirements for the EU, US, Canada and Mexico.

For the European and other select international markets including US, Canada and Mexico, our seeds are certified in compliance with European Council Regulation EC No. 834/2007

Industry regulations and standards
The section of the European Council Regulation EC No. 834/2007 that refers to seed is as follows: 

Article 12 

Plant production rules 
(i) for the production of products other than seed and vegetative propagating material only organically producedseed and propagating material shall be used. To this end, the mother plant in the case of seeds and the parent plant in the case of vegetative propagating material shall have been produced in accordance with the rules laid down in this Regulation for at least one generation, or, in the case of perennial crops, two growing seasons; 

Organic seed database for the EU
All EU websites to national databases can also be found at a central page.