Variety Showcase at East Coast

6 June 2017 NEWS

Spring Variety Showcase

Satisfied customers during Spring Variety Showcase

Enza Zaden’s 2017 Spring Variety Showcase was held May 18th at the company’s 10-year old research station in Myakka City, FL. Product headliners included new commercial varieties of tomatoes and peppers, a winning zucchini, and compelling displays of conventional and organically produced endive, fennel, squash, melon, and pumpkin. 

“The field day on May 18th (Myakka City, FL) was a great success overall! We welcomed dealers and professional growers from Florida to Quebec. This day they gained insight into the depth of our current offering, and the exciting direction of our product pipeline,” said Rod Jorgensen, Area Sales Manager, Eastern US/Canada, Enza Zaden.

Well-known and pipeline varieties

Besides well-known varieties, also pipeline hybrids were displayed. “Our pipeline hybrids on display offers East Coast growers a long-term view of our dedication to create regionally adapted varieties with excellent resistance packages and demonstrate the utilization of our global research infrastructure” said Jeremy Sisson, Tomato Breeder, Enza Zaden USA.

Organic varieties

Our organic division Vitalis Organic Seeds displayed its second trials of these varieties.
“As we trial an increasing number of varieties at our Florida research station, we’re demonstrating our capacity to offer new organic crops that are well-adapted to East Coast growing conditions, and with top technical information,” said Adrienne Shelton, Organic Product Specialist, Northeast/Midwest US, Enza Zaden USA.

Unique products for smaller farmers

We also support smaller growers with unique products. “While products for large commercial operations remain the focus of our efforts, growers that market directly to local chains, farmers’ markets, auction houses or restaurants benefit from these niche products which are adapted for East Coast growing conditions,” said Jorgensen.