Steph Kuri F1
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Steph Kuri F1

Steph Kuri
You do not have to be a basketball fan to appreciate the all-star traits of our newest red kuri. Steph Kuri is a high yielding variety with uniform fruit that average 2.5-3.5 lb. (1.1-1.6 kg). The fruit make an attractive display with a deep reddish-orange color, sweet and nutty flavor, and skin that can be cooked and eaten without peeling. Steph Kuri has a vining plant habit, excellent vigor, and good tolerance to powdery mildew. This variety also has great post-harvest shelf-life.

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Winter Squash
Crop Type
Red Kuri
Growing Method
Open field
Plant Habit
2.5 lb. - 1.1 kg
3.5 lb. - 1.6 kg
Orange red
Other varieties