Dr. Erica Renaud, moderator at AMHPAC conference held in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


Dr. Erica Renaud, moderator at AMHPAC conference held in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


AMHPAC is the association where privately held greenhouse growers from all over Mexico gather and are represented as an industry. Jointly the association represents growers who produce collectively on 15,000 hectares of protected crops. These growers range from small (less than 3 has) to very large (over 200 has) in production area of cucumber, tomatoes, eggplants, peppers and assorted vegetable crops.

What they do?

AMHPAC holds an annual congress for protected agriculture and it´s the key event where industry professionals and growers meet on a business, yet friendly basis to discuss current and future trends in cultural production methods and consumer preferences.

This year, Enza Zaden sponsored the first organic panel on protected agriculture held at the congress, it was an initiative supported by Dr. Erica Renaud as Regional Business Manager for Vitalis North America.

Who was there?

Renaud moderated the organic panel and presented on the global organic market, the interrelationship between Mexican organic production and US consumer demand, regulatory and policy needs and considerations for Mexican protected crop growers interested in entering the organic market.

Joining Renaud on the organic panel were Mr. Theojary Crisantes Sr., Founder and CEO of Wholesum Harvest, a pioneer in organic production and market penetration with operations in Mexico and the USA. Crisantes presented on the planning and strategic work required by growers entering the organic market and the need to abide to organic principles. Mr. Matt Mandel, VP of Sales and Marketing for Sunfed, a well- known and reputed Nogales wholesaler and trader of organic produce presented on US retailer requirements for organic growers. Ms Silvia Elena Rojas Villegas representing the organic regulatory department of SENASICA presented on the recently implemented domestic organic standards in Mexico and the implications for Mexican growers for domestic and international sales of organic products.

Dr. Renaud indicated that:
“In the past three years there has been significant growth in organic produce consumption. Ten percent of the total fruit and vegetable consumed in the US is now certified organic produce.
Data extracted from the Organic Trade Association (OTA)

Theo Crisantes Sr. on Organic Production:
“The organic business model goes beyond making money alone. If the monetary premium is your sole interest in entering the organic market, you will not be successful. You need to learn how to manage crops organically one step at a time and your business model will develop as you learn to be a good organic grower. There are no easy short cuts to success.”

Matt Mandel on the Organic Retail Market:
“Our customer base keeps evolving and demanding more diversity of organic products in consistent quality and year-round supply. Consumers want to experiment more, they want to become engaged in what they eat, and expect an experience with everything they eat.” Enza Zaden and Vitalis Organic Seeds want to thank all the participants for their efforts, we look forward to see you again at future joint events.