About Us


Founded in 1994 in The Netherlands, Vitalis Organic Seeds, a division of Enza Zaden, is the global leader in organic seed production and breeding. Since entering the US and Canadian markets in 2007, Vitalis has become the principal trusted supplier of organic vegetable and herb seed in North America. Our Salinas-based sales team directly serves the needs of lettuce growers in the Salinas Valley, while our regional sales representatives work in conjunction with select regional organic seed dealers to serve the needs of open field, high tunnel and heated greenhouse growers in all other areas.

All Vitalis varieties are regionally adapted and certified organic for the EU, US and Canada , and developed without the use of genetic engineering.

As both pioneer and innovator in organic seed breeding, Vitalis is committed to a closed-loop organic agriculture system that starts with the highest quality organic seed, free of contaminants and adapted to the needs of diverse agro-ecological climatic conditions. Globally, Vitalis produces nearly 500 certified organic varieties distributed in over 35 countries, ensuring regional adaptation of premium genetics through 12 local research stations around the world. For the US and Canada, we produce more than 150 certified organic varieties, including vegetables and culinary herbs, all of which are regionally adapted through research stations, in Myakka, Florida and San Juan Bautista, California. Researchers at these stations work with local growers, market experts and the global Vitalis research operation to provide the US and Canadian markets with the most diverse and highest quality certified-organic assortment available.